Limewash thoughts

I was asked if the roughcast render I was doing could be self coloured to avoid limewashing.

This is a misunderstanding of the role of limewash especially where roughcast renders are concerned.

Limewash is not actually a paint – it is a brush applied  render, applied very thinly in a minimum of three coats.  It renders the render. I.E renders the render more weather resistant.

The colour is a bonus.

I like to take the limewash over the stone elements, this is to seal the interface between render and stone, however, this upsets the builders on new build projects!

The colour of a limewash imparts to the building a tremendous visual impact – it glows in the midday sun and  picks up the sunset hues.

The predominant colour in the Cotswolds is Yellow ochre. In the forest of Dean, across the River Severn its more pink, this is because there was a lot of red oxide pigments found in the Iron mines. In the Cotswolds yellow ochre was found.

Generally, therefore, these colours are still preferred, yet there is always an opportunity to vary the tones and hues to some degree.

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Themed yellow

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