Pieces of Art

Following on from Stacks of Fun here is Pieces of Art. The elephant is my first attempt at lost wax casting – it was meant to be in bronze but my crucible broke so I made the best of a bad job and, with a make shift crucible cast it in lead. I made a lot of mistakes but I got something from it. Recently, a friend applied a bit of gilding. Its 80 mm high.

The paintings are oil on board.  The tunneler is 330 x 400 mm. A small flower is 460 x 560 mm and The gesture is  180 x 250 mm.

The painting was a bit of a phase, I thought I would have a go one day and produced these over a 4 month period.  I have a few more, some still unfinished, and I have a few ideas I would love to get going on but there just isn’t time at the moment.

Its not really work but maybe one day?

About byrnesurfaces

conserver and repairer of historic surfaces
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  1. stuart furby says:

    never in the field of conservation, has so much been written about so many balls by so few. And i bet you only use a tiny little trowel too, don’t you. E-mail probs at mo. Tel 07790016169

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