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The 1:3 ratio This article by Gerard Lynch was published in 2007. It’s been ten years and still the ready mixed lime mortar producers haven’t fully taken it on board. The most enlightening statement for me is this: “under analysis, the majority … Continue reading

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how to plaster a wall (first coat)

start with a bare wall, loose material removed, brushed down and lightly wetted . apply plaster around the edge like a frame ; i got the left hand one flat then some horizontal ribs to project the levels to the … Continue reading

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my Japanese plastering trowels

These are the only plastering trowels I use.  Starting at 9 on the clock: a medium sized Jigane laying on trowel,  next a little really flexible polishing trowel, at the top a larger jigane, recently used for laying on the … Continue reading

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update on silly ideas 1

On reflection it really was a silly idea in that it did work but was totally not needed. And this is the point. Despite the mix being 1 lime to 2 sand and the plaster being on average 20mm thick … Continue reading

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Lime for beginners training course. Cotswolds Rural Skills.

So another course has come and gone. We had fun. and sun. and got a lot of work and learning done. So what happens on a John Byrne led lime workshop? We start with an introduction to the ingredients: limestone, … Continue reading

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I like this too

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lime plastering plasterboard. with the correct tool and material it works well.

This intriguing little tool I purchased from  Arford enterprises – www. it is manufactured for the rubber industry apparently I bought it because I have had occasion to apply lime plaster to plasterboard. you will wonder how it applies … Continue reading

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