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ultra fine Lime finishing plaster

Having been using my own recipe JB Lime Finishing Plaster for over 3 years now on all sorts of jobs from renovating old multi surface painted walls to new work on lath, stone, woodwool board and plaster board I have … Continue reading

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more painting

All through the autumn and winter months I was busy lime plastering, rendering and pointing. but did find time for some of painting. I had been lucky enough to get into the RNLI art exhibition in Instow and even luckier … Continue reading

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Felt Floats

When I could not find a felt float for sale in the UK I decided to make some. What’s a felt float for? Compacting and smoothing fine lime plaster, especially my JB Lime Finishing Plaster but any fine stuff really … Continue reading

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Lime wash colour matching

Occasionally an interesting job comes along; in this instance just a little limewash order but the colour had to match a rather bright green nylon fabric, the colour is close to a bright green apple. It was certainly not within … Continue reading

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using Earthborne white Clay paint and mixing with three earth pigments harvested from the local seacliffs, these paintings depict coastal and estuary scenes around Appledore. Paintings are 1000 mm x 600 mm on canvas.

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renovation of our lounge

The walls were still lime plaster, some on masonry and some on lath but all were painted with purple emulsion. They were pitted, some of the top coat of plaster was pealing off and the walls had been chased for … Continue reading

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The 1:3 ratio This article by Gerard Lynch was published in 2007. It’s been ten years and still the ready mixed lime mortar producers haven’t fully taken it on board. The most enlightening statement for me is this: “under analysis, the majority … Continue reading

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