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John Byrne – director of JBLimeplastering has moved to Appledore, North Devon. Although JBLimeplastering is still operating in Gloucestershire it is branching into the SW peninsula creating and repairing lath and plaster walls and ceilings and other lime plastering projects – Training … Continue reading

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The colour of a house

One of the privileges I enjoy is the opportunity to make my mark on the landscape, and when a client has the boldness to choose a rich colour for their house it is a chance to make a statement. The … Continue reading

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Apparently the top search on this site is for  “correct mix ratio silver sand nhl2 lime” . I can answer that, There is no correct ratio but a good one would be between one and one and half portions of sand … Continue reading

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Smooth and crisp and even.

There is this house and the owners had done a considerable amount of the work themselves, and very good it is too. However they did need some help with the plastering. They had already got a first coat of hemplime … Continue reading

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Chalk lime plaster from AngliaLime

It might seem a recipe for trouble if the aggregate in the plaster is not sand but crushed chalk, very sticky and smooth yes but tremendous shrinkage also. Yes that is true but Anglialime put so much hair or fibre in … Continue reading

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lath problems

This is a quick aside. A customer had a ceiling he needed me to plaster, he had already fitted the laths, sawn oak, he had fitted them really well with very good spacing, the job was simple the ceiling only … Continue reading

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A very sorrowful gable

A client had a very damp gable wall, water was running down and the damp patch was growing ever larger. Outside the gable was complicated by a chimney breast that was once inside, but since the house has been knocked … Continue reading

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A ceiling in need of a stitch in time

The ceiling had a crack in it running down the centre, on inspection we found that 5 of the joists had come out of their slots allowing the ceiling to drop. So I drilled holes through each joist just above … Continue reading

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roughcast revisited

In 2006 I rendered a house extension which had been built with artificial Cotswold stone, hard,slightly glazed, unattractive and unconvincing. So the owners thought it might be lime rendered. I remember thinking that there could be a problem with adhesion … Continue reading

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Nothing need be wasted when using lime

Having finished the harling there was a bit of course stuff left over and the tools needed washing. so both the remaining render and the tool washing water was put in a barrel and, with the addition of more lime, … Continue reading

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