JB Lime Finishing Plasters

The first field trials began this week. After a number of weeks of trials, adjusting recipes and readjusting recipes I sent 130 litres to the Cotswolds to be applied by someone else outside of my own house.

The feedback was most gratifying:

“Easy to use” I gave it one good coat and then kept going back and trowelling it up. It is very nice to use, closes in so well you get a lovely flat finish – it’s the best I’ve used.”

There is a facebook page  now as well –


I supplied it at 58% lime putty by volume. (that’s 10 units of lime putty to 7 units of aggregate). I won’t be using all this 3:2, 1:2 etc I want to be clear about just exactly how much is lime putty without any ambiguity.








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