Earth Rendered Pallet Walled Shed

Not all sheds need be built of timber, not all sheds need be clad with timber.

I decided to build a shed from old pallets and I decided to render it with cob – earth, stones and straw – so it would be in keeping with our cottage.

The windows came from an old sash window I was given. The roof will be shingles.

To help fix the cob to the pallets I fixed bamboo canes vertically and rather than nails I tied them on with hemp rope. All very Japanese in influence and all good fun.

Eventually the cob will be covered with lime roughcast and limewashed white to match the cottage.

If the shed had been more planned and less an organic evolving project, there would be no screws or nails in the construction but as it is the pallets are screwed together, it was only after I had done that that I had the idea to tie the canes on, the original idea was to nail on laths but as I had a lot of canes in stock I went with them.

Of course, the rendering is easy – just wack on cob pancakes and press in. It is far too heavy for trowels. It makes my arms ache but it is a joy to work with.

Cob from Heritage Cob & Lime, Bideford. ( as were the pallets )

About byrnesurfaces

conserver and repairer of historic surfaces
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