jblime finishing plaster

After many years of buying my lime plaster from various suppliers I began to think that the available finishing plasters were not up to the job. They were simply lime putty mixed with fine sand. To meet my own needs I designed this recipe so that I could plaster over many different substrates from new plaster to plaster board, emulsion painted plaster, cement and gypsum. I wanted a plaster that would hide surfaces blemishes, adhere well, be flexible and robust. I took my inspiration from historic samples of finishing plasters and simply made an improvement. They contain three times as much lime as sand by volume which gives them excellent strength and toughness. They have been thoroughly tested on projects for over two years with improvements being been made along the way. Being made me and tested by me day in day out and by others who give feedback they are proven to be fit for purpose.

JBLime Finishing Plaster –

  • is designed to be used as the final coat in lime plastering
  • can be applied thicker than most other finishing plasters
  • spreads better than other plasters
  • is easily patched
  • can be used on a number of other substrates including plasterboard, woodwool board and fibreboard
  • is 66% Calcium Hydroxide with the other 33% being aggregates and fibre reinforcement.
  • is supplied ready mixed in 20 litres tubs
  • can be trowelled smooth or sponge floated
  • develops no cracking even up to 3mm in thickness
  • is knock resistant
  • does not crumble if the surface is broken
  • is very flexible
  • contains no other aids to setting other than non hydraulic calcium hydroxide

The plaster is supplied un coloured and dries white. However it can be supplied coloured if required (price on request)

Price for natural white finishing plaster –  £2/ litre ( plus delivery )


coverage – 1 litre per square metre for each 1mm of thickness – recommended thickness is 3mm.

I can send you a 5 litre sample on request.

enquiries to John Byrne