Felt Floats

When I could not find a felt float for sale in the UK I decided to make some.

What’s a felt float for?

Compacting and smoothing fine lime plaster, especially my JB Lime Finishing Plaster but any fine stuff really and it’s really good for finishing smooth lime (or sand and cement) renders.

The felt grips the lime rather than sliding about, it takes up water, much like a sponge, but is more rigid than a sponge and so compacts better. The 10mm thick felt is fixed to marine ply so is best suited to flat surfaces, but they are a bit smaller ( 180 mm x 130 mm ) and a bit squarer than a normal plastic float so it performs better on slightly undulating surfaces.

Made of Natural Felt and Wood.

Available though ebay for £13 each free postage



About byrnesurfaces

conserver and repairer of historic surfaces
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